Deakin University Students Association

Powering student sampling

DUSA is one of the largest student associations in Victoria helping to enrich over 60,000 student’s time at university. In association with Stock Box, DUSA wants to support select product partners, to get their brands in the hands and mouths of 3000 of tomorrows targeted brand ambassadors.

Benefits of student sampling

94% take action

94% of students take action after exposure to advertising on campus.

78% tell their friends

78% of students tell their friends about brands they saw promoted on campus

42% of students switch

Campus research shows that 42% of students said that they often or always switch from a brand they normally buy to a new brand as a result of sampling.

Program features

Product sampling

Get your products and brands into the hands and mouths for tomorrows ambassadors

Ooh! digital screens

Program partners will receive one months on screen advertising around campus

Social promos*

Social promotions, student offers/discounts, or competitions on DUSA channels for box products 

Promotional posters

Promotional posters for two weeks around campus, to promote a student deal on box products


Emails to renewing members for box partners as a whole – i.e. a joint email with partner callouts

Blog posts

Promoting fun and interesting articles on products from the box to DUSA student members

* Conditions apply

Be 1 of only 8 partners to come with us on our 3,000 box pilot.