Product Sampling Simplified

Stock Box is for brands, big and small, looking for attention, and a new pathway to the market. 

If you are dissatisfied with traditional marketing and engagement strategies, our program is a fast way to get your products and brands into the hands, mouths and minds of key decision makers. 

This innovative program provides you with targeted retailer access, that traditional marketing cannot compete with, and unlike traditional marketing, our program is inexpensive, insightful, and has no lock in contracts.

What we offer product partners

Targeted Sampling

Our boxes only go to those retailers who have requested a box from us for a cycle month.

Feedback & Insights

Members must provide feedback to maintain their membership, and we report this feedback to you.

Lead Generation

All leads that are generated through the box are shared with our partners.

Audience Attention

Members view your products in their time, giving you maximum time and attention.

Higher Engagement

We have an 85% response rate to feedback, and convert as much as 40% of respondents as leads.

Trusted Member Program

We are a trusted service amongst our membership, with high satisfaction and NPS scores.


What our members say

Cycling every 2 months to retailers across Australia.

Lets Chat

If you have products and brands, or work with clients of products and brands, we'd love to hear from you. We have helped hundreds of brands connect with thousands of retailers, with our direct to store sampling service.